​Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is there a dress code for the winter intensive?

While there is no dress code, we ask that you wear clothes that don’t obstruct your dancing. Close-fitting shorts, pants, t-shirt, or tanks are all recommended. We suggest that you avoid wearing baggy clothes that may hinder your movement.

2. What should I bring to class?

Classes run from 1​0:00​am to 4​:30​pm everyday with a 45-minute lunch break. We encourage bringing healthy snacks and plenty of water to stay nourished and hydrated between classes and throughout the day. A first-aid kit will be provided in each studio but we suggest bringing your own bandaids, tape, and knee-pads if needed.

3. Is there financial aid for the workshop?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any scholarships or work-studies at this time.

4. Do I need to submit a headshot upon application?

We do need you to submit a clear picture of yourself, but it does not need to be a formal headshot. If you have a headshot, then by all means put it to use and send it to us.

5. Is housing included in tuition?

While housing is not included in the tuition, we are happy to provide an extensive list of affordable near-by housing options. CLICK HERE to view housing options.

Is your question not answered above? Please contact Nicole Wolcott and/or Marisha Johnson at education@keigwinandcompany.com for any additional questions.