Winter Intensive

Participate in a vigorous and fun intermediate/advanced class that will include a warm-up that moves quickly into phrase work drawn directly from KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s repertory. Emphasis will be on learning and mastering the movement by employing curiosity, a sense of humor, and our collective passion for movement.

We explore the creative process from both sides of the equation in a collaboration between choreographer and dancer based on KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s process.
In this class you will be guided to direct and participate in movement generation and small compositions for the individual and an ensemble using concepts of partnering, improvisation and design.

This class is a preparatory class for the week’s work. We will first learn how to tune the mind and body into an unified instrument for the creative work of a professional dancer. Then you will learn to use analysis and imagination in tandem with the physical body to generate new movement ideas and work fluidly in an ensemble. We will practice these skills in guided improvisations that focus on variations of craft, group work and individual movement invention.

Larry Keigwin will share his creative process by collaborating directly with you in creating a new work. Learn to quickly excavate movement ideas with simple considerations of space, design and narrative within a collaborative format. This class offers a playful environment that has you alternating between dancer and choreographer to discover and deepen your unique interests, your process and your dancing.