Places Please!

Created and performed by Larry Keigwin and Nicole Wolcott, Places Please! is a zany, evening-length duet, which takes you on a trip backstage in the final moments before the curtain goes up. The audience becomes privy to the anxiety and playfulness of life behind the scenes in this anticipation-fueled program that celebrates and extends the creative relationship that served as KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s foundation during its burgeoning years. Set as dreamscape sonic collage, the evening captures the parallel and intersecting paths of a dynamic creative process and relationship.

Since created in 2017, Places Please!, has had an extensive touring schedule and has become beloved nationwide.

“Larry Keigwin and Nicole Wolcott take a sledgehammer to the real and symbolic structures of the stage in Places Please! Cycling through personal confessions, on-the-nose quips, and exuberant dancing, the two turn theatrical razzle-dazzle inside out.” – Erin Bomboy, DancEnthusiast

“Keigwin and Wolcott produced something that, while frequently hilarious, was also deeply poignant and intensely thought-provoking. Places Please! was a sophisticated treat for savvy dance fans and newcomers alike.”
– Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

“Places Please!” was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and I hope to join that party again soon.” – Christina Pandolfi, BroadwayWorld