Bolero Seniors

Special Projects


This is a story about community. We are introduced to a vibrant community of seniors during a day at the pool. We meet the players, eccentric and authentic seniors hailing from different backgrounds. As our characters gather at the pool, reality is elevated, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, and their meetings and greetings become a dance. Not your average dance, but a water ballet — Busby Berkeley meets modern dance with a contemporary twist. A poignant exploration of aging, community, and connection, Bolero Seniors showcases the personalities of its cast through the performance of the water ballet, set to Ravel’s Bolero.

Since 2007, Larry has created an exhilarating site-specific dance piece in 14 cities across America. Using Maurice Ravel’s iconic “Bolero” as the score, Larry gathers 50 non-dancer community members in each city to create a dance that not only expresses the specific city — examining and deconstructing local traits and stereotypes — but also leads the participants on a personal journey of self-discovery. From New York to Dallas to San Francisco, the dancers have thrilled audiences and hailed by critics.

In 2021, inspired by his parent’s retirement community in Florida, Larry will create Bolero Seniors along with director Andy Kokoszka. A poignant exploration of aging, community, and connection through art, Bolero Seniors will showcase the singular personalities of its cast through dance. Production is scheduled for completion in 2021.