Dear Friend,


It was nearly 14 years ago that Nicole Wolcott, my partner in crime, and I dragged my mattress off my bed, strapped it to a taxi, and put on a show called KEIGWIN + COMPANY. In the ensuing years, inspiration has driven me to share work on so many different stages – from The Joyce Theater to Broadway’s If/Then to your phones and computers with #sharethematress and most recently, to theaters and studios across Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, and Tunisia for DanceMotion USA.

In reflecting on the past 14 years, I’ve realized I am most inspired by what is new. Amid a quest to uncover the “new,” the coming year will find K+C evolving to a project-based model. This new structure will provide flexibility to embark on a variety of projects, commissions, and performance opportunities while departing from the traditional dance company model. As a project-based organization, K+C will enable me to follow my inspiration, while scaling up or down as needed to suit each project’s needs.

As it is a season of change. I would also like to share that our stalwart Executive Director Andrea Lodico Welshons has been appointed the new Executive Director of Gallim Dance, where she will take up the helm in July. Having worked in partnership since 2008, I’m deeply grateful for Andrea’s leadership and dedication. I am supportive as she takes this next step in her career and look forward to watching her bring Gallim to new stages of growth and success. A note from Andrea:

The past almost nine years have been an incredible and joyous ride that has never really felt much like work. My life has been indelibly shaped by supporting Larry’s vision, helping shepherd this organization to new heights, and being a part of the K+C community. I will be forever grateful for this community’s support of KEIGWIN + COMPANY and for me personally as I’ve grown along with it. I can’t wait to continue to champion KEIGWIN + COMPANY and Larry’s work as a fan and audience member.

And what next? I, with the support of the Board of KEIGWIN + COMPANY, remain committed to utilizing our electrifying brand of dance to build communities, engage non-dancers and dancers alike in the creative process, create, and teach. At every turn, supporters like you have enabled my vision to flourish and I’m truly appreciative. The first of our new projects is already underway and your support is vital as K+C evolves. I ask you now to be a part of K+C’s new projects by making a contribution today.

  • Full Circle Moment: Nicole and I were thrilled to share the world premiere of a new evening-length duet, Places Please, at DANCE NOW at Joe’s Pub just a few weeks ago, proclaimed “frequently hilarious” and “deeply poignant” by critics. Nicole and I imagine a future for Places Please in unexpected and surprising places from museums to cabarets.
  • K+C Celebrates Bernstein: In honor of Leonard Bernstein’s centennial, I will develop companion works set to Bernstein’s early scores, “Piano Trio” and “Sonata for Clarinet & Piano.” The new pieces will be shared alongside our acclaimed Bernstein works, Episodes and Waterfront in 2018, engaging audiences in communities across California, Colorado, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

I have a feeling the new project-based structure will help nurture work that is deeply personal through projects large and small – from the Bolero Senior Citizens film to creating a new work at my alma mater, Hofstra University this fall and morel. The ability to focus on specific projects will provide me with freedom and flexibility as an artist in a cultural landscape and world that requires more and more adaptability and innovation to ensure sustainability and success.

I am energized by this new stage for K+C and hope you are too. I am consistently reminded by the importance of community – creative collaborators, dancers, and you, our supporters and fans. These connections are essential to our ability to share our vision of dance through this new, adaptable project-based model. I ask you now to make a contribution so we can embrace change in a constantly shifting world and advance our vision of dance. Thank you for being a part of K+C.

With warm wishes,

Larry Keigwin
Artistic Director

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KEIGWIN + COMPANY, 8 West 126th Street, New York, NY 10027.

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