Rehearsal Notes From Larry: Pt.1

Hi Friends,

I am back in New York and although I’m frustrated by my Achilles tendon rupture, I couldn’t be more excited about the new dance we are creating…. and what a coincidence it’s a chair dance. I know what you are thinking — does everyone have to have a chair dance? Well, I swear ours is different, think 12 chairs and dancers moving in kaleidoscopic patterns to an original score by Jonathan Pratt, inspired by marching bands.

I’m loving the collaborative process and I invite you to follow us during this creative journey – there is plenty of laughter along the way.  Here are some of my favorite moments in the studio.

A short little phrase that Nicole and I made up – don’t you like my boot?

Trial & Error – somethings don’t go according to planned, in this case – error.

Some of our most inspired moments come from improvising – yikes.

People always ask – how do you remember all the steps – well it’s very clear, we speak in code. This is a must watch.

“Okay we canceled sprinkles, we go to chaos, here we are in transition.”

I imagine that some of the ideas of Twelve Chairs will be influenced by the recovery of my injury and hopefully, I’ll lose that boot by opening night…only four weeks away.

Stay Tuned,


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