The blog is back! K+C hits the ground running in 2012

February, 12th 2012

Written by: Brandon Cournay

…And we’re back!

Friends, family, and followers of KEIGWIN + COMPANY, I am proud to announce that after a brief hiatus, our blog is back in action. We want to share all the exciting happenings with the company and give you an inside look at what makes K+C so unique. Follow us on our journey this season as we travel across the country, create in the studio, and share the incredible talent of K+C with both new audiences and current fans alike.

Not only have we renewed our way of sharing with you on our blog, we also have a new blog writer. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Brandon Cournay, Detroit native, K+C dancer, and the source behind everything on our blogosphere.

I first met and worked with Larry Keigwin during my senior year at Juilliard, when he created Runaway on my class. I was immediately drawn to his dynamic movement and found his creative process both inspiring and invigorating. I was thrilled to join KEIGWIN + COMPANY in May, 2011, and have had a blast creating, learning, and dancing with this talented and eclectic company.

2012 has already been an exciting year for K+C:

  • We hit the ground running with performances as a part of the first FOCUS Dance Festival at The Joyce Theater, as well as a showcase at New York City Center’s studios during the APAP conference here in NYC.
  • Our first tour of the year took us to Atlanta, GA for the very first time. The company performed the audience favorite Love Songs as part of the inaugural Off the Edge Dance Festival.
  • Larry Keigwin is currently in New Zealand creating a new work with the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Dancer Aaron Carr joined Larry in New Zealand to assist him on the creation. Although they have been so far away, they have kept us updated throughout the process and it’s been so great to see the work come together. Final Dress will premiere at The Civic in Auckland, New Zealand on February 29th.
  • K+C repertory is being showcased here in New York City throughout the spring. Dancer Ashley Browne taught The Steps Repertory Ensemble Air, which will be performed later this season, and the students of Marymount Manhattan’s dance program have just begun rehearsals for Runaway with Matthew Baker.

Continue checking the blog for an exclusive and up-to-date look at all of our current endeavors. I will be blogging about our adventures on tour, as well as from the studio, giving you an inside look at K+C’s three new creations for this season.

Next stop for KEIGWIN + COMPANY: March 2nd and 3rd at The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC.

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One Response to The blog is back! K+C hits the ground running in 2012

  1. I Love the costume rack pic. So fun. Thanks Brandon for a wonderful first blog.