Winter Intensive 2017

2017 Intensive – Class Descriptions



We will use curiosity and a sense of humor in a playful and rigorous investigation of improvisation.  First we will focus on tuning the body and mind for the creative work of a professional dance.  Analysis and imagination will be utilized in tandem with the physical body to generate new movement ideas and work fluidly in an ensemble. We will practice these skills in improvisations that work with variations of craft, group work, and individual movement invention.


This class offers an opportunity to hone our performance skills through studio practice. Using excerpts from a variety of dances in K+C’s repertory, we will tackle the emotional nuances, physical dynamics, and quirky idiosyncrasies of the work. We will then depart from the uniformity of replication and personally unpack and rework phrases, considering weight, effort, time and flow; taking risks with clear choice-making. The entire class encourages authenticity, as well as a joy in movement. Get to know the movement in your body, get to know yourself.


Keigwin shares his creative process through the creation of new work. For this year’s intensive, Larry will workshop a recent creative inspiration to provide a springboard for his next work. Learn to quickly excavate movement ideas with considerations of space, design, and narrative within a collaborative format. This class offers a playful environment that will allow you to alternate between dancer and choreographer to discover and deepen your unique interests, your process, and your dancing.


Friday afternoon will be devoted to corralling the inspirations, phrases, and ensemble developments from the week into a final showing for a video to be shared with all participants. This day will be a direct simulation of Larry’s creative process; fast paced, charged, and fun. You will gain insight into what is required to be a valuable collaborative artist in a professional company.


Participate in a vigorous and fun intermediate/advanced class, which will include a warm-up that moves quickly into phrase work emblematic of KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s style. Emphasis is on performance.  We challenge ourselves to embody the particulars in style flavor of each phrase while highlighting the individual in performance.


We will devise movement puzzles through weight sharing, physical manipulation, impulse, and kinesthetic response.  You will develop tactile and spatial awareness that will increase your sensitivity within a group and help you generate inspired movement material in a collaborative environment.

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